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02 May 2023
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Bitumen Roof

One of the most popular roof covering materials in modern construction is asphalt tile. Many finishing roofs of private homes use this material because it provides various advantages: easy installation, does not require special skills and equipment, convenient and fast delivery time on damaged substitution areas or even in repair conditions.

With asphalt tile roofs, you can make a tight continuous layer that resembles scales of its kind. This beautiful and reliable roofing material is its resistance to rainfall, its resistance to the scorching sun in the summer and its resistance to high humidity. In addition, soundproof so it is not noisy when it rains, does not rot, does not collect static electricity, is resistant to corrosion. Asphalt tiles are made from flexible materials so that they are easy to use in various designs and complexity of roof models, even on domes and round roofs. This material has become increasingly popular in recent years.


 CTI Roof Product Overview

   CTI CT3 Roof Complete Specifications:

    Length: (1000 mm (39 -3/8 ")

    Width: (333 mm (13 -1/4 ")

    Exposure: (143 mm (5-5 / 8 ")

    Headlap: (50 mm (2 ")

    Amount per Bundle: (21 pcs)

    Coverage per Bundle: (3 m2 (32.3 sq.ft)

    Weight: (11 kg / m2)

    Overlap: (193 mm)

    Wind Resistance: (Up to 60 mph (Compliant with IRC Wind Code standards)

    CTI Shingles Korea Color.

Atao CTI Product Specifications

Nominal Size: 1,000mm x 333 mm

Unit / Bundle: 21 Pieces

Roof area / 1 bundle: 3 m2


CTI is a producer of asphalt shingles which was established in 2005 after a very long initial preparation period. Korean CTI is growing, to become the leading producer of asphalt shingles in Asia in 2010 through a radical localization strategy. CTI Korea began exporting Shingles to 21 countries including Europe and Russia from 2006.

CTI produces Shingles that are reliable and have aesthetic value for consumers. Korean CTI is exported to Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Africa. Using heat that reflects special pigments, this makes Shingles cool to save energy and also guarantee a long life.

 Reasons Why Choose CTI?

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